Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello World!

My name is anonymous, theres no reason as too knowing what my real name is.

By making this blog, my intentions are HARMLESS(: Overall, this blog is about shoes..."wow?!"(is probably what your thinking), shoes aren't very important when it comes too saving a life, or getting a job, BUT! too me shoes are my life<3 I recently became interested in shoes when i was walking through the streets of LA. i was glancing at many stores, but only ONE interested me enough to actually walk into. This store had many different types of vans, it seemed as if all the shoes had been imported from another world.That's how well they had been designed, and they were very unique. My goal is after YOU read this blog post your interested enough to view my page and be a part of the "Vanz Loving Society", and noooooo!! i did NOT just make that club up:P

P.S. well bye for now, but comment/subscribe(;

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