Monday, October 11, 2010

My Helpful Bloggspott(;

While searching through the internet[google.blogsearches]i found a very interesting blog, also having to do with shoes. Okay, maybe not the EXACT same shoes as the ones i blog about, but a variety of different ones. This man is talking about how many different shoes he sees on a regular basis. I have too agree that wow! there are thousands of different shoe types. He talks about how many stores he's gone too visit over these last few months and he's come too a conclusion that shoes have too do with color, well mostly(: He says that there are so many combinations of colors that in reality thats why so many shoes are invented almost daily! In my opinion he is completely correct, i feel the exact same way. Not one day does it not cross my mind to think, "wow! if it wasn't for colors how dull would this world actually be?"
You don't have too say anything or respond to this post, but just think too yourself for a sec., how dull?!!It's almost scary too think that if it wasn't for so much color, we'd be plain and boring. Although, i have too say that i'm not the brightest color in the crayon box[not that im NOT smart, i mean in refrence too how i dress haha]theres still alot of color in my daily clothes. If it we're up too me ide eliminate all the neon colors, but then what would ravers wear??:D

Again I leave you with something too think about<3
yours truly,

P.S. ohhh!! i almost forgot, thanks man, who's name i don't quite remember at this very moment, who wrote that blog that helped me with mine, i appreciate you(:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fox News-Dropout Factory [Waiting For Superman]

Hmmm, what too say, what too say?
This is a very tragic time for most public schools, although many may refuse the fact in accepting that students' grades are dropping outrageously, its PROVEN! Its a shame that many people are being kept up to date with movies like this. I believe that instead of the news broadcasting about un-important topics, they should change it up a whole lot. Maybe the writers should take more important events that are going on into consideration. How embarrassing must teachers in these schools' feel about being held accountable for their students not learning how they should be. Many teachers have gotten fired, let go, or dropped from the system because students just refuse too cooperate. I believe that this movie will bring more information regarding school problems, and how they might be able too improve them, up too the surface. I haven't yet watched it but i would recommend this movie too anyone who might be interested in current events having too do with local, and un-local public schools. Well, comment and tell me what you think about what's going on, or about anything else that might be on your mind(: